What we do, we do for our children here in Heeltyd Speeltyd Nursery School, for ourselves and especially for our Heavenly Father, because children are so important to him. Our job here at Heeltyd Speeltyd is a charitable act that definitely does not get anything except the satisfaction that you yourself out of it, can be measured and therefore we are the best school for your child in Centurion.


Heeltyd Speeltyd nursery is situated in Centurion.
Our Nursery School was founded in 1996.
We at Heeltyd Speeltyd live by Christian values.
Heeltyd Speeltyd is a bilingual nursery school.
We strive to be the best school in Centurion.

Heeltyd Speeltyd nursery school in Centurion strives to provide you as parent with as much information as possible on the website but you are more than welcome to call us with enquiries.


  • Important dates

    Feb 2017  
      Th. 16 Famliy photos
      Fr. 24 Schools birthday presents for sandput
    Mar 2017  
      Fr. 3 Open day for parents
      Mo. 20 School closed
      Tu. 21 Public holiday
      Fr. 31 Big schools close
    Apr 2017  
      Mo. 10 School photos 
      Fr. 14 Public holiday 
      Mo. 17 Public holiday 
      Tu. 18 Big schools reopen 
      Th. 27 Public holiday 
      Fr. 28 School closed 
    May 2017  
      Mo. 1 Public holiday 
      Fr. 19  Hat parade - Theme: Insects 
    Jun 2017  
      Fr. 16 Public holiday 
      Fr. 30 Big schools close 
    Jul 2017  
      Mo. 24 Big schools reopen 
      Fr. 28 Pajama party 
    Aug 2017  
      We. 9 Public holiday 
    Sep 2017  
      Fr 15. Fancy dress - Plants and trees 
      Fr. 29 Concert 
      Fr. 29 Big schools close 
    Oct 2017  
      Mo. 9 Big schools reopen 
      Fr. 20 Grandparrents' day
      Mo. 23

    Calender photos HTDT - brothers & sisters 

    Nov 2017  
      21 - 25 Year end reports
    Dec 2017  
      We. 7 Big schools close 
      Fr. 15 School close 

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