General regulations

School Hours



Full day   06h30 - 17h30
Half day   06h30 - 14h00
Formal Program   08h00 - 12h00
  1. NO sweets or toys are allowed at the school. 
  2. ALL belongings/clothes must be clearly marked.
  3. Pupils must bring a suitcase with extra set of  clothes.
  4. The school provides breakfast, 2 snack times and lunch.  Breakfast
    is served until 08h15.
  5. Only prescribed medication, entered in the medication book, will be given. Telephonic authorization will be asked  in case of medication given, e.g. fever.
  6. Only written, telephonic or personal authorization will be accepted in the case where a different person is to collect the pupil. Under no circumstances may pupils leave the school terrain without an adult.
  7. The school must  continuously be updated with changed phone numbers and addresses.
  8. Educational excursions  - one per term at the school.
  9. The outdoor activities presented at the school, is a contract between the parent and the presenter,  and is independent from the school. 
  10. A once off , non refundable  entree fee of R950.00 is required by entree.
  11. School fees are payable in advance on or before the 7th of each month. Interest  will be  added to an unpaid  account  after the 8th of the month.  Cash payments are payable in the office or school fee box.
  12. A written notice is required of at least one month in advance. Remember that December is  not a notice month due to the fact that you pay only  half a month’s  fee.
  13. The school closes in December for about three to four weeks depending on the holidays in between.  Dates are available  on the year program.
  14. The school is closed during the festive season for approximately three weeks. The school is in full operation during all the other holidays.
  15. Read the  newsletters, notice boards and monthly "Little Buzzer" to assure you are aware of all the events taking place during the month.  Any news that you would like to share can be handed in at the office.
  16. A pupil with a contagious illness cannot attend the school. It is unfair to the other children and we don’t have the facilities to accommodate  such a child.
  17. The following diseases are prohibited  at the school:
    • Mouth sores
    • Gastro
    • Child illnesses
    • Eye infection
  18. If a doctor or pediater diagnoses  your child with a serious contagious illness, let  us  know.  We  expect  that you will inform  them that  your child is in the school and what do they expect  from the school.
  19. In an emergency we contact the Paramedics  at  10177.
  20. The school fees are payable for the full twelve months of the year.
  21. If  necessary there will be a yearly raise in school fees in January. 
  22. Please take note that a fine will be levied if a child is collected late. This money is given to the personnel attending after closing time.

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