School fees

Heeltyd Doektyd




Full day

Pokkels (3 – 12 months) :    R2700   R2800
Pikkies (12 – 24 months):   R2700   R2800

Heeltyd Speeltyd




Full day

Peuters   R2700   R2800
Orange class   R2700   R2800
Green class   R2700   R2800
Blue class   R2700   R2800
English class   R2700  


Heeltyd Speeltyd Aftercare                 R800

Family discount

  • One child R2800.00 -  ½ day  R2700.00
  • Two children  R4400.00  -  ½ day R4300.00

A  ones  off  entre  fee of  R1000.00  is  payable  when  entering.  The  entre  fee  is  not  repayable.

School fees includes the following

  • Two balanced meals – breakfast & lunch
  • Snacks
  • Educational program
  • Stationery
  • All excursions
  • Toiletries
  • Friday special snacks
  • Ear fluid monitoring
  • Educational toys and apparatus

School fees

  • Jan.-Nov - Full payment
  • December -  ½ month fee
  • Day fee:  Half day:    R145.00  
  • Day fee:  Full day:    R165.00  

School fees are Paid in advance

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