School hours

06:30 - 17:30

Although the activities here in Centurion Heeltyd Speeltyd only start at 8 o' clock your child can already be received at 06:30 at the school.

No child may be picked up later than 17:30 at the school.

Parents are requested not to be late, as it upset the little ones as everyone has left and he / she is left alone at the nursery school.

Please take note that a fine will be levied if a child is collected late. This money is given to the personnel attending after closing time.

Please, be very careful of traffic here at the nursery in Centurion when you arrive or depart.

Only written, telephonic or personal authorization will be accepted in the case where a different person is to collect the pupil. Under  no circumstances may pupils leave the school terrain without an adult.

School Hours



Full day   06h30 - 17h30
Half day   06h30 - 14h00
Formal Program   08h00 - 12h00

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